Are you ready to join Young Living’s virtual convention, but:

  • Are concerned that you won’t have a community of people to hang out with?
  • Are disappointed that you don’t have a place to celebrate your year?
  • Are frustrated that you won’t get expert product information?
  • Don’t want to spend money for education?

From June 15-22, you’ll get all access to:

• Daily giveaways of Young Living products and essential oil accessories
• Expert product coaching from Dr. Lindsey Elmore
• A virtual party where we will celebrate the extraordinary accomplishments of YL Education Club Members, Clean Slate Cleansers, Yogis, Brand Strategies Lab Graduates, and Hustle Participants
• Business growth advice from 90 Day Hustle Participants
• Exclusive access to a brand-new business growth tool that makes it easy to decide which essential oil is right for you
• Discounts to YL Education Club, the Clean Slate Cleanse, Essentials book, gear, and more
• PJ parties to recap the day with Lindsey & Derick

Hustle Book
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Get your gear for the PJ parties!

• Custom 2020 Convention designs
• Soft poly-viscose blend
• Limited quantities available

Daily Presentations

Interviews, giveaways, and more!
  • June 15 2PM MST - Live on Facebook/Instagram
  • June 16 2PM MST - Live on Facebook/Instagram
  • June 17 2PM MST - Live on Facebook/Instagram, 6:30PM MST - Club Bash & Awards Ceremony Live on Facebook/Instagram
  • June 18 2PM & 6:30PM MST - Live on Facebook/Instagram
  • June 19 2PM & 6:30PM MST - Live on Facebook/Instagram
  • June 20 2PM & 6:30PM MST - Live on Facebook/Instagram
  • June 22 2PM - Live on Facebook/Instagram

Don't miss out on the biggest giveaways of the year

Young Living products, crystals, and an Essential Genome kit!

Supplement Book
Hustle Book

Meet your host, Lindsey Elmore

Lindsey Elmore is a speaker, author, world-renowned wellness expert, and a Young Living brand ambassador. She analyzes data and translates complicated science into understandable stories. A chemist and a clinical pharmacist, she travels the world educating audiences about natural wellness.