Want to share Young Living’s essential oils with others, but unsure of how to teach an intro to oils class?

This presentation shares all of the basics that every beginner needs to know. We start with your story. Then there is a brief history of Young Living. The majority of this presentation is how to use the 11 essential oils in the Premium Starter Kit.

But it isn’t a typical intro class!

Everything is based around how to use the products. After this presentation, people in your class will walk away with easy to follow recipes that will incorporate essential oils into every area of their lives. Participants will  leave empowered to use essential oils aromatically, topically, and internally. We break each of these steps into simple to follow steps.

For example, we discuss inhaling directly from the bottle, off of hands, and using a diffuser. For topical use, we list DIY recipes, describe how to apply them to skin and when to use a carrier oil. Lastly, for internal use, we discuss using essential oils in savory and sweet recipes, describe how to fill a capsule, and which oils to dispense directly onto tongue.

Once you have taught the basics of how to use the essential oils, there is a one-slide introduction to many of Young Living’s product categories and hero brands: Thieves home cleaning products, Slique weight management products, NingXia Wolfberry products, supplements, and personal care.

It isn’t until the end of the presentation that we mention the Premium Starter Kit and Essential Rewards. Instead, the meeting simply focuses on how to use oils in everyday life.

This presentation makes sharing Young Living’s powerful essential oils simple and easy to do.

What is included?

A slide deck and a set of speaker notes. These notes equip you with easy language to use during the presentation. Within the presentation, there are 5 different recipes and just a little bit of science on the sense of smell.

How do I access the slides?

Click the links below to begin your downloads.

Looking for the next steps? Check out this Detox Your Home class. It makes a great follow-up to the Intro to Oils course!